Happy New Year 2012 Giveaway Hop

A Giveaway is a great opportunity to add to your digital library.

Use this code: UN45B. 

And  go to this site for a free e-copy of Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa.

1979.  Matt Reiser travels to West Africa in search of his son.  He’s mugged upon arrival and loses everything.  He must struggle through his sudden poverty, through unfamiliar territory, language, and culture, through cities, slums, jungle, and desert.  On the way, he forms friends and enemies and meets a world he never wanted to discover.  The new experiences force him to reevaluate his broken relationship with his son until they meet and face one another as never before.

Return to the Hop Here.

Or for a 99 cent copy of Facing the Son, go to Kindle.

“The installed base of ereaders will reach 28.9 million in 2012, a gain of 40.1% over 2011’s total of 20.6 million. As a percentage of the population, ereader owners will reach 12% in 2012, up from 8.7% in 2011.”  – eMarketer Total Access




M L Rudolph has worked for CNN among other American and British television and film companies. He has written for general interest and trade magazines and published his first novel, Facing the Son, A novel of Africa, on Amazon in 2011. Rudolph is a dual US/UK national and lives in Pasadena, CA. View all posts by M L RUDOLPH

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