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(Day Before) Fathers Day FREEBIE!

   June 16, FREE DAY,  for my new novel Pasadena Payback.

   Get Dad a gripping good read for that new Kindle. Take it to the beach. Take it to the shade. Take it with you on your next plane ride.

Crispín Gomez Diaz runs cash between Pasadena and Nogales to pay off his missing brother’s old debt. He has family in Los Angeles and in Sinaloa, and he does what he’s told to keep his family safe from retribution.

  Dirty debts, raw ambition, and old loyalties collide in this fast-moving tale of honor and payback.


e Published

May 31 – Put the finishing format touches on Facing the Son, a Novel of Africa, and uploaded it to Smashwords.  After eighteen months of writing, the helpful comments of about a dozen readers, researching, editing, seven rewrites, and a few copy edit runthroughs, it’s done.  The 88,000-word novel is out of my hands now.  It’s as good as I’m going to get it.  And I’m happy with the accomplishment.

So I put it out there for readers on a bigger scale.  Readers who don’t know me, who can tell me if and how the story survives its telling.  I learned a terrific amount about writing fiction by sticking with this project from idea through to final draft.  I have already applied what I’ve learned to the next novel, Coyote Nightmare, which I plan to release – epublish – in September 2011.  That gives me about three months to complete the rewrites and the polish.  The 90,000-word mss. is on my desk.

Smashwords is still “reviewing” my submission.  They need to accept my formatting before passing the work through to their Premium Distribution Status, which is a required step prior to onward distribution to their affiliates such as Kindle, Apple, Sony, Kobo, etc.  In the meantime I uploaded directly to Kindle Publishing, and they too are reviewing my status.  I’m waiting on you guys.

So far about fifty views and one download.  Champagne still on ice.  Other than a feeling of accomplishment, nothing much to celebrate.  Smashwords says most their published authors don’t sell a single copy.  So that’s a possibility.  But I’m planning to do better than that.

Persistence, determination, and grit.  In the end it’s all up to you, isn’t it?